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Jenni and Stuart MacLeod


 Our wedding was truly the best day of our lives, and that is hugely in part thanks to Bleeker. Lauren and Harris are not only the kindest, warmest people upon meeting, they are extremely talented and so much cooler than a normal wedding band! Our friends and family said it was the best wedding, (or even party!) they've ever been to. We danced all night while Lauren beautifully belted out great new songs, some old crowd pleasers, and a few of our weird requests, and they even invited us up on the mic a few times! When your dad and new father-in-law belt out American Pie together with a professional band backing them up and the whole crowd going wild, you know it's no ordinary wedding...and a night to remember! Thank you, Lauren and Harris, for being part of our incredible day. You helped us create memories that will last a lifetime.


Jenni and Stuart MacLeod


Los Angeles .

Dear Bleeker...Lauren & Harris, 

Well, where do we begin...
Let's start at the very beginning, 
A very good place to start...
When you read you begin with A, B, C 
When you befriend Bleeker you begin with 
Indigo, fingers, and a big Marquee.

When your single and ready to mingle 
You see them in fingers till 5,
When your together like birds of a feather,
You're only in Indigo to survive

Then when your engaged and doing lots of planning, 
You ask them very kindly to sing at your wedding.

Cautiously you say...Jan, 
Knowing full well that's when they plan,
A trip to N.Y.C...
SHIT, they cannie help me!!! 

Fabulous people as they are, 
They astound you and they travel far,
To Elie, that's across in Fife,
But to our Bleeker, that's no strife.

They will make you a song and sing along.
And make it feel like a party,
And my wee maw was bloody braw
When Harris said she was a smarty!

They did us proud and sang so loud, 
Every song we wanted to hear.
And after it was all done and they had sung 
Everyone Gave a mighty BIG cheer.

A brilliant tribute band that do all you ask.
Why would the rest of you not give them a task!!

Thank you Bleeker, to the best band in town.
We do hope we are not too boring...
and see you around!!! 

Love The Erskine's xxxx


Cannot thank BLEEKER enough......What a Brilliant night!!


Thanks again 


Gilly Bain YourGB Events 

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